Definitely too many, especially for those who don’t want to know how to cut, like the model Alessia Ameri who gave us some valuable tips to avoid the so traumatic cut of “just a finger” of hair.

But let’s listen to what the kind Alessia Ameri suggests.

I have always prevented my hair from being cut because the nature of hairdressers is to go a little beyond expectations and therefore the fear of disappointment makes me lean towards other ways aimed at preserving my hair. Certainly, the stress to which we subject our hair every day, even for those who are not professional models, requires care for them to make them healthy and beautiful.

I don’t like to buy cosmetic products when it comes to nourishing and safeguarding my hair since every product has small amounts of all those substances that should act in defense of our scalp.

There are two methodologies that I love to follow for the beauty of my hair, also going to activate systems of protection of the same.

A first methodology, which I generally refer to every six months, aims to strengthen the scalp and prevent a fall that could exceed the physiological ranges. The “magic” plant I rely on is the nettle.


Already the one that leaves that terrible sensation of itching to the touch but that instead, after being collected and boiled in water, can provide us with an infusion whose application helps make our hair strong. I prepare a decoction this way and then do my normal shampoo. After having applied and rinsed the product I generally use to wash my hair I carry out a subsequent rinsing with the nettle decoction and, after having done so, I avoid carrying out another wash with water and go directly to drying. I anticipate that the smell will not be pleasant but calm the reinforcing effect is assured, justifying the whole procedure.


The second method I rely on to give my hair shine and softness involve the use of olive oil. This is a cure that I generally do every two months. In practice, I apply olive oil directly to dry skin, taking care above all not to miss the tips that are certainly the part that most tends to be damaged by our hair. After applying, I leave the oil to work for some time, from 15 to 20 minutes, perhaps using aluminum foil or other films that can avoid smearing my clothes or my skin. After the lapse of time, it is necessary to rinse the hair first only with water and then after using my usual shampoo. I recommend making more rinses because the greasy effect is not easily removed.

In short, two absolutely natural techniques that I use for the care of my hair, in terms of beauty and vigor. You will evaluate the result yourself and in the event of dissatisfaction, remember that since these methods are based exclusively on natural elements, you will not have caused any damage of any kind and you can always opt for something that suits you more. I sure don’t cut my hair.

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